EnChroma - World leading colour vision corrective sunglasses


Congratulations, you made it! Never believe an optometrist that says colour vision cannot be altered.  Both Molly and I are optometrists and we say that you can.  We will show you a different world, almost unbelievable.   The difference in colour is individual and only you can judge it. Take a free colour blindness test below!



Are you slightly intrigued that you might be able to see colour better? If you are too remote to see us in Auckland, which is what we recommend, I implore you to take the next step. Ring or email to either make an appointment, order the iRo test kit or trial the Enchroma sunglasses.

You have nothing to lose, the iRo test kit is 100% refundable and the Enchroma sunglasses have a 14 day money back guarantee.



Kind regards


Matthew Whittington