About Us

For Eyes is a kiwi owned and operated optometry clinic based in Kumeu. The owners Matthew and Molly Whittington are intrigued by colour blindness and the ways to effectively treat it. Modern day optometry courses teach that colour blindness cannot be "treated" which is analogous to saying that short sighted or longsighted cannot be treated which is patently wrong.  With the invention of highly technical colour filter lenses comes a variety of solutions. The lenses and contact lenses from iRo and the sunglasses from  Enchroma utilise cutting-edge optical technology to brighten up your world!

Our team consists of

Molly Whittington

Molly has a bachelors degree in Optometry and was thwarted from obtaining a master degrees and PhD by Matthew and her desire to put family first, she had 4 children in 6 years!  She has a special interest in colour vision and in 2008 presented a paper on the correction of colour vision deficiency at the ADONZ summit at Te Papa Museum in Wellington.  Molly is an expert in the understanding of how colour vision developed in mammals and the underlying genetics and retinal processing that generates colour vision.

Matthew Whittington

Matthew has a Bachelor's Degree in both Biochemistry (sorry biochemists but that was a waste of time) and Optometry (not a waste of time). Matthew takes behavioral optometry to a new level.  He has a special interest in the latest breakthroughs in optics be it eye testing equipment, colour blind corrective lenses, the optometric treatment of headaches/migraines (he suffers from both) or indeed the optometry treatment of dyslexia in children.  He has spent his career entertaining children with his fun approach to eye examining and feels strongly that all children under 12 years of age should be steered in his direction for his very common sense approach.

Velimir Minic

Velimir hails from a family of opticians in Sarajevo and holds qualifications in optical dispensing and spectacle fabrication/lens making.  He has many years of experience in spectacle repairs and adjustments. Velimir is particularly good at providing a continental flair to helping you find the frame that uniquely suits you and is great with children.